Local Spotlight: Jackson Hole Goat Yoga

Local Spotlight: Jackson Hole Goat Yoga

Local Spotlight: Jackson Hole Goat Yoga

One of the best parts of visiting or living in Jackson Hole is that there’s so much to do here: from skiing to hiking to horseback riding and whitewater rafting — Jackson Hole has everything. Well, almost everything.

There is one activity that we’ve been missing and that I’m excited to share will be coming to Jackson Hole this spring:

Jackson Hole Goat Yoga

This is exciting news for many reasons. Not only is goat yoga a fun way to participate in a yoga class, but you get to interact with the goats themselves! The goats are friendly participants in the class: they’ll jump around as you pose, cuddle while you stretch, and even climb on your back if you let them.



And as if the goats aren’t enough to make you smile, Jackson Hole Goat Yoga will also be offering complimentary mimosas and coffee (for morning classes), as well as wine and cheese (for evening classes). Classes are offered for all age groups and experience levels. Each class is 1 hour long, with 15 – 30 extra minutes to enjoy a beverage and take photos with the goats.

You can reserve your spot here: Jackson Hole Goat Yoga.

The team that is bringing goat yoga to Jackson Hole is Caroline Carpetner and Korey Rasure. Originally from Dallas, TX, the couple is moving to Jackson Hole this spring. They first heard of goat yoga back in Texas and fell in love with the idea. As they planned their move, they wanted to combine their love of yoga, the outdoors, and goats in a new business. Their new home — the beautiful, 35-acre Willow Bend Ranch — is the perfect venue for both their new goats and a yoga studio.


Caroline Carpetner & Korey Rasure, owners of Jackson Hole Goat Yoga


Here’s more about Jackson Hole Goat Yoga in Caroline’s own words:


Where is Jackson Hole Goat Yoga located?

Jackson Hole Goat Yoga will be taking place on Willow Bend Ranch, located in the Hoback canyon, just 15 minutes from town. The ranch is surrounded by mountains and has stunning views. It is 35 acres with the Hoback river in the front yard and the Bridger-Teton National Forest in the backyard. It’s a beautiful ranch. Goats will not be the only thing running around the ranch, we will also have Wagyu Cattle, horses and chickens!


What types of classes will be offered?

Beginner or advanced yoga classes will be offered, open to all ages. Classes are all 1 hour plus 15-30 minutes of picture time and complimentary wine (for evening classes), complimentary mimosas and coffee (for morning classes).


What do I need to bring?

We want to make this a family friendly operation! We will have everything you need in order to participate, such as Yoga Mats, complimentary beverages and snacks, all you need to bring is your happy self! We are always open to new ideas and want to accommodate everyone’s liking. We cannot wait to get started and we hope everyone can enjoy this stunning ranch as much as we do!


How can I book a class?

You can visit WillowBendRanch.com to book a class and pay online. Or give us a call: Korey’s number is (432) 352-8448 and Caroline’s number is (214) 537-5924. And follow along on Instagram @GoatYogaJacksonHole to keep in touch!


What kinds of goats do you have?!

They are Pygmy Goats which are the perfect goats for yoga and for pets! We have 1 Billy goat, and 5 female goats, and 5 baby goats. We are definitely going to expand our herd in the future! Pygmy goats are extremely friendly and sociable. They will jump around on you while you are doing downward dog and cuddle up to you as you are stretching. They are know to be therapeutic animals and are known to help relieve stress. Pygmy goats also bring a smile to everyone’s faces!


Caroline holding one of their newly adopted baby Pygmy goats!


Whether you are a yoga class regular, a visitor to Jackson Hole, or looking for a fun activity to do with family or friends — get ready for a memorable, enjoyable experience with Jackson Hole Goat Yoga.


Book your class here: Jackson Hole Goat Yoga.


Or call Korey (432) 352-8448 or Caroline (214) 537-5924 for more information and to book over the phone.


For more (adorable!) photos of the goats and to stay up to date as they open, follow @GoatYogaJacksonHole on Instagram.


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