10 Rainbow Wooden Toys for Your Child’s First Year

10 Rainbow Wooden Toys for Your Child’s First Year

Wooden toys have a timeless appeal: they are durable, beautiful, non-toxic, and can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Rainbow Wooden Toys for Baby
rainbow wooden toys baby

Whether you are on the hunt for eco-friendly toys or simply looking for new, imaginative ways for your child to play, wood toys offer a valuable solution.

Plenty of wood toys are designed for toddlers and older kids, but the below list is for a baby’s first year.

They’ll complement your little one’s development in different ways and you don’t have to worry about any of the chemicals found in plastic:


1. Rainbow Wooden Magica Clutching Toy

Engaging wooden balls are held together by elastic in this toy that can be twisted and rearranged. Younger babies will want to clutch and teethe on this.

2. Rainbow Wooden Baby Rattle & Clutching Toy

Children and parents alike love this toy, as it’s rattling noise is pleasant and the beechwood beads are perfect for clutching or teething.

3. Baby’s First Block Set – 12 Wooden Rainbow Wooden Cubes 

The options for stacking and building with these blocks are limitless. They’ll grow with your child and can be used for years. Stained rather than painted, the blocks keep their quality and you don’t have to worry about paint chipping off.

4. Rainbow Ring Wooden Clutching Toy

This toy is especially imaginative, as it’s pieces can be rearranged into different shapes. Keep your little one well-occupied with all the tactile options this brings.

5. Wooden Mobile With Rainbow Balls

Not only will this mobile look good in your nursery, but it has the right design to capture your little one’s attention. The bright, multi-colored balls offer different points of focus without being overwhelming.

6. Color Fun Wooden Play Gym

Classic play gym that is customizable: the height is easily adjusted and you can add hanging toys as you see fit. Compared to many plastic counterparts, the simplicity of this play gym is engaging and attractive to little ones.

7. Rattling Max Dangling Wooden Figure

The ring at the bottom of this toy can be used to clutch or attach to stroller, car seat or other toys. Designed to be grabbed, rattled or pulled, this toy is perfect for occupying your little one in a variety of places.

8. Magic Rolling Clutching Rainbow Wooden Toy

This clutching and teething toy is made up of several movable spheres. It’s sure to delight and captivate as baby learns to move, rattle, and teethe on it.

9. Triangles Rainbow Wooden Clutching Toy & Teether

An intelligent toy that can introduce your little one to new shapes. The interactive nature of this toy means that while baby is clutching or chewing on it, she’s also working to develop hand-eye coordination.

10. Wooden Rainbow Pearls Pacifier Chain Toy

Handy for parents and loved by babies, this chain is sure to keep pacifiers in hand’s reach. Simply attach a pacifier to one end and secure the other with the clip.

A couple more notes:

To clean wooden toys: wipe them down with a slightly damp washcloth with a water and vinegar mixture or mild soap. Dunking them in water may warp the wood.

Where to buy wooden toys: the above items are linked on Amazon (most are from HABA, a German creator of wooden toys). Other shops that will make you swoon over their collections are The Small Folk and Grimm’s.

Not all of the above toys are suitable for all ages under one year old, be sure to check the specifics of each toy to make sure it’s a good match for your baby’s exact age.

Have any other wooden toys on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments!


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