Log Cabin Life FAQ: Popular Questions & Answers

Log Cabin Life FAQ: Popular Questions & Answers

People ask lots of questions about log cabin life & what our cabin is like. Everything from ‘how do you do it, that’s my dream!’ to ‘how do you survive winter?’ to ‘are you crazy?!’ (Just kidding, no one has called us crazy yet 🙂 But sometimes I think our story is a little crazy…).

I’ve taken the most popular questions and answered them below:

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Log Cabin Life FAQ: Popular Questions & Answers:

How big is your log cabin?

Our cabin is 650 square feet! It’s all open concept: living room, kitchen, bathroom on the ground floor and an iron spiral staircase leads up to a loft where we sleep. 

Update as of 9/3/18: we’re building a new room! We’re currently adding on a room (about 250 square feet) that will be a nursery for our baby boy. It should be completed in early 2019.


How was your cabin built?

Our cabin was built by hand in the mid-90s. It was built from a kit by the man who owned it previously. It’s made of 8” pine logs and has a metal roof. We get our water from a well and we’ve been added to the city’s grid for electricity.


What are winters like?

We’ve only ever visited in winter for 2 weeks (for our honeymoon!). So this will be our first full winter. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

Jackson Hole usually gets an insane amount of snow. So we’re anticipating lots of snow and putting our wood burning stove to good use. We don’t have central heat or A/C, but we have a couple of small heaters and the wood burning stove.


Where did you move from?

We moved from Austin, Texas. That’s where I met my husband and where we had lived for the past few years. We both had jobs there, an apartment, and I was 7 months pregnant when we decided to move.  


Why did you move to Jackson Hole, WY?

We had visited Jackson Hole twice and spent our honeymoon here, so it’s a very special place to us. Both of us dreamed about living here, but neither of us thought it could actually happen. Plus loved the lifestyle, the nature, and the idea of raising our family here.

My husband ended up getting an offer for a job in Jackson, and after talking through the logistics we took it! This meant that we both had to quit our jobs, break the lease on our apartment, and sell most of what we own to make the move happen. We loaded up the car, our dog, and my (very large!) pregnant self and drove across the country. And we haven’t looked back since.


Do you like living in a cabin?

Short answer: yes! Long answer: living in a cabin is different from what I expected but in many ways it’s better. We changed everything about our living situation: we downsized, moved to a much smaller town and rural area. Honestly, there’s a lot adjustment that happens when you change that much (and we also had a baby…), but life in the cabin fits us well.

I like that we live closer to nature in the cabin, we’re in the mountains, and it’s very cozy in winter! It feels more like a home than anywhere I’ve lived before. There’s lots of quirks and excitement that comes from living in a log home, and we love the lifestyle.

For more on what it’s like to live in a log cabin, check out my Cabin Life series.


Do you like living in Jackson Hole?

It’s the best. For what we wanted for our little family it’s the perfect fit. There’s lots to do outdoors, the people are wonderfully nice, and everywhere you look is beautiful.


Have other questions or curiosities about cabin life? Send me a message here.


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