Roundup of The Best Rustic Light Fixtures Right Now

Roundup of The Best Rustic Light Fixtures Right Now

Your light fixtures can make or break a room. It’s easy to overlook the details of what you’ll choose for lighting; but instead, use them to make a statement! A well-chosen light fixture can bring an entire room together and be functional at the same time.

Tips for Choosing The Right Light Fixtures:


  • Consider sizing: sizing is key when looking at light fixtures. Too big, and they’ll throw your room off-balance; too-small, and they won’t be a valuable addition to your room. Aim for stylish pieces that fit the scale of your room.
  • Consider lighting: do you want a bright bulb or a dim one? Are you going for a well-lit space or ambiance? Different light fixtures & bulbs will give off different amounts of light.
  • Consider placement: think through where your fixtures will go before buying. In dining rooms, there’s generally one focal fixture, whereas in kitchens there’s usually many as the focus is more dispersed.

For on-trend pieces, check out this roundup of the best rustic light fixtures right now. We’ve searched far and wide for the best of the best, and these are the options that will look good, work well, and fit a range of budgets. These are all chosen from Amazon, Etsy, Home Depot, and Target.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through one of these links I may make a commission.

Roundup of The 7 Best Rustic Light Fixtures

1. Rustic Wall Sconces with Black Wire Cage

These are a classic rustic choice. They are stylish without making too much of a statement, timeless, and can blend with any room. You can’t go wrong with these all-purpose lamps.

2. Rustic Mason Jar Wall Sconces with Fairy Lights

Every house should have a pair of these! They’re pretty, rustic, and charming. And for this price point, they’re also a little bit magical.

3. Clear Cone Sconce Adjustable Light 

These lights are stunning – they’re rustic with a touch of modern farmhouse. And their clear cone makes them not feel bulky when adjusted to full width. Perfect choice for next to your bed, sofa, or in the bathroom.

4. Hanging Ceiling Lamp with Rope and Clear Cone 

This lamp is incredible: it’s beautiful, the attention to detail is exquisite, and it’s handmade by a talented maker! Customize the rope length to fit your own room.

5. Rustic Wood Hanging Multi-Pendant Light

I can’t lie: I would have one of these in every room if I could! 🙂 There’s something very visually pleasing about the construction of this light. It’s a showstopper while still being functional. Recommended for that room that you want to take to the next level but aren’t sure how. With this one piece you can transform your space and fill it with rustic, farmhouse, trendy beauty. And at this price – it’s a steal.

6. 12-Light Antique Bronze Chandelier 

If you’re searching for the perfect chandelier, look no further. This one has a stylish design that would fit ideally above a dining room table or in a medium-sized living room.

7. Guinevere Ceiling Light in Rustic Brown

I saved the best for last. This is a slightly pricer option, but if you have the budget it’s worth it. Beautifully designed and unique, this light is a dream for anyone who loves rustic design. And if you have your heart set on this look but not this budget, has lots of similarly pretty options!


Which of the above light fixtures is your favorite?! Is there a favorite place you like to shop for yours? Drop a comment below to share!




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