The 5 Best Small Log Cabin Kits on a Budget

The 5 Best Small Log Cabin Kits on a Budget

If you’re dreaming of living in a log cabin, a cabin kit could be just what you’re looking for. Our cabin was built from a kit, and that’s one of my favorite things about it!

This list is a look at the 5 best small log cabin kits that are budget & beginner-friendly. Get some cabin inspiration, read up on the specs for each of these, and get one step closer to making your cabin dreams come true:

The 5 Best Small Log Cabin Kits

1. Conestoga Log Cabins: Check Out a Bestseller

Conestoga has a great variety of small log cabin kits, especially those for those looking for a tiny log cabin. Here’s a look at all of the cabin plans that they offer under 1,100 sqft.

Their best selling small log cabin kit is the ‘Mountain King’ — it’s 2 bedrooms and currently listed at $61,900. This kit gives the best of cabin living: it’s exterior is beautiful and the interior is perfectly charming and rustic.

2. Southland Log Homes: Two Cabin Kits on a Budget

Southland is renowned for their quality log homes. And their small log cabin kits are no different.

Particularly if you’re on a budget, these 2 cabin plans are under $20,000 (one is under $15,000). These are small in square footage, but will have you living the cabin lifestyle at the (significantly) most affordable price on this list.

3. Battle Creek Log Homes: Beautiful Design

There’s only one way to describe Battle Creek Log Homes: BEAUTIFUL. I couldn’t stop staring at each of their plans. Especially because their ‘Bear View’ cabin is the closest I’ve seen to ours!

If you’re just starting your search for a small log cabin kit, start with Battle Creek. They’re a good example of different designs, sizes, and costs.

4. Coventry Log Homes: Picture Perfect

When you think of a log cabin, the homes that Coventry creates are exactly what come to mind. Charming porches, warm wooden logs, and green roofs. All picturesque.

Here’s their list of cabin options, with the least expensive listed under $25,000.

5. Riverwood Cabins: For the Beginner Cabin Enthusiast

Riverwood Cabins will build, deliver, and help you through all the details of buying your cabin. Plus, their cabins are gorgeous. This is a more expensive option — but it makes this list of best small log cabin kits because they are a great alternative to the other kits mentioned.

Riverwood Cabins are for you if you’ve read through the rest of this list and want an easier option — a cabin built and delivered to you — straight from the manufacturer.


There’s nearly endless options when it comes to cabin kits on the market. The most determining factors will be budget and size. So if you read this list and are feeling unsure where to start — begin by nailing down those two details. Then you’ll be able to narrow your search for your dream cabin.

Cabin living is beautiful, simple, and charming. But if you’ve never experienced it before — there may also be some surprises waiting for you! Consider reading some of the below articles to learn about cabin life, picturing the cabin you see yourself in, and then finding it in the list of kits above!



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