On Trend Farmhouse Front Door Fall Wreaths 2019

On Trend Farmhouse Front Door Fall Wreaths 2019

With September 1st comes one of my favorite parts of the year… decorating for fall 🙂 I’m a sucker for anything fall-inspired, wreaths included. This year I’ve been on the hunt for a farmhouse front door fall wreath – one that’s fall themed and has ‘natural’ elements (flowers, branches, leaves, etc.).

Below are on-trend farmhouse picks that are sure to get lots of complements as they hang on your front door!

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On Trend 2019: Farmhouse Front Door Fall Wreaths From Target

1. Faux Yellow Hops Wreath (20″ By – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia) 34.99

farmhouse front door fall wreaths

This is the wreath we got and I LOVE it. It’s made of faux yellow hops that look very natural. It’s big but not bulky, and is the perfect fall statement.

farmhouse fall wreath



2. Harvest Felt Floral Wreath (16″) $20

farmhouse front door fall wreaths

The color and design of this wreath made it a close second to the one we got! It’s also made out of felt, which is a unique touch. The best part is that it has all the fall harvest colors and plenty of flowers and leaves while staying simple & cute.

For a stylish and cute pick, this wreath will get lots of compliments on your front door.



3. Wood Flower Wreath Yellow (21.2″ by Smith & Hawken™) 44.99

farmhouse front door fall wreaths

Flowery, neutral wreaths like this one are very on-trend at the moment! This is one of the best farmhouse fall wreaths for your front door BUT it could also be gorgeous indoors. And while it’s color is lovely for fall, there are ways you could also re-purpose this indoors year-round.

If you want a wreath that you’ll use again and again, this is the right choice.



4. Faux Yellow Locust Wreath (20″ by Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia) $24.99

farmhouse front door fall wreaths

You may think orange is the color of fall – but yellow is most common in nature for the season! That’s why this wreath is so pretty – it’s natural, bright, and captures the essence of fall.

This wreath is a classic look that you can’t go wrong with. Especially if you’re planning to pair it with other fall items on your porch, this will bring all of your decor together.



5. Harvest Wood Slice Decorative Fall Wreath (17.25″) $20.00

For a more rustic farmhouse style, this wreath is made of painted wood slices. It’s colors are harvest-inspired and it’s just the right amount of fall theme without being over the top.

This wreath is also the most budget-friendly on the list! It’s a steal at $20.00.



For more farmhouse fall decor, check out this list of must-haves for your home: The Best Farmhouse Fall Decor on Amazon.


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