Roundup of Cabin Blog Posts from Our First Year

Roundup of Cabin Blog Posts from Our First Year

Looking back on our first year of living in the cabin we’ve learned so much! I started this blog just a couple weeks after we moved. And it’s pretty closely followed our experience with cabin life.

For a little backstory: we moved to our cabin in Jackson Hole, WY from Austin, TX just over a year ago. At the time I was 7 months pregnant, and we made a few crazy changes – including quitting our jobs and selling our things – in order to make the move happen! For more about our story & the cabin, click here.


Me & Troy on our cabin porch, almost exactly a year after moving in!

Roundup of Top 11 Cabin Blog Posts

From the extreme seasons to raising a baby in a one-room cabin to experiencing ‘country life’ for the first time – our first year has been full of newness!

Here’s a roundup of favorite cabin blog posts from our first year. If you’re interested in cabin life, these will hopefully give you an in-depth, inside look:



A Day in The Life:

Things We’ve Learned:

We’re definitely still continuing to learn about cabin life! The more we learn, the more we discover we don’t know haha 🙂

What else would you like to know about moving to a cabin, living in a cabin, or our cabin? Drop a comment below!


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