Roundup of The Best Black Bear Decor

Roundup of The Best Black Bear Decor

Black bear decor is a classic choice for a cabin, mountain home, log home or lodge. You can’t go wrong with black bear decor — it’s trendy, rustic, and so cute!

The list below is a roundup of the best bear decor found on Amazon. We’ve searched far and wide to bring you items that you’ll love and want to keep in your home for years to come

This list has everything — from coasters to wine holders to bedding and more. There’s even an adorable black bear toilet paper holder. If you wanted, you could create an ENTIRE black bear decor room from this list. If I could, I probably would 🙂

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1. Rustic Climbing Bear Family Northwoods Lamp

black bear lamp

A cute, rustic lamp that’s would make the perfect addition to an end table or table. Lamps are one of the best opportunities to add style to a room and you can’t go wrong with this one.

2. Black Bear with Honeypot Utensil Holder

black bear decor

For a black bear in your kitchen, it doesn’t get better than this little bear and honeypot utensil holder. Such a fun piece to add to your countertop or bring out for baking with the family.

3. Black Bear Lodge Quilt Set

black bear decor

This beautiful bedding set makes this list because of its bear print and color palette. It’s easy for cabins or log homes to become over-saturated in ‘rustic’ colors (brown, black, etc.) so make sure you have a pop of color. This bed spread has just the right amount of orange, green, blue, and red to brighten up your bedroom.

4. Black Bears Canoeing Coaster Set

black bear decor

Every home needs coasters, so why not get a black bear set?! These are coasters, decoration, and they’re so cute they’ll be conversation starters too.

5. Black Bear Wine Bottle Holder

black bear decor

The only better idea than buying one of these for your home or cabin is to buy one for a friend or two 😉

7. Bear Cub Toilet Paper Holder

black bear decor

Have you ever seen a more adorable paper towel holder?! Guests will smile and children will chuckle at this practical yet adorable black bear cub who will keep them company.

8. Black Bear Family Key Holder

For black bear decor that will greet you in your entryway, hang this useful and cute key holder.

9. Black Bear Fan Pull

black bear decor

You can never have enough black bear decor. Don’t neglect your fan pull and add a fun touch to any room with this black bear attachment.

10. Bear Paws Oven Mitts

black bear decor

This is another item that you’ll want for yourself and a couple loved ones (I’m adding it to my holiday list for some of my family!). These are bear paw oven mitts. I’m pretty sure I would cook and bake twice as often if I had these…

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Where do you find your favorite decor items? Drop a comment below to share!


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