Why I Started a Cabin Blog

Why I Started a Cabin Blog

I started a cabin blog — a blog about our life in our cabin — almost as soon as we moved. There’s many reasons for this, some of which you would probably expect and a few that may be surprises. To fully explain why I started this blog, I also have to go back to our life before we moved — back in Austin, TX when I was 7 months pregnant!

Here’s the biggest reasons why I started a cabin blog:

1. I had always wanted to start a blog.

This one is simple 🙂 I had always wanted to start a blog, and moving to the cabin seemed like the perfect opportunity!

When I started, I had no idea what ‘blogging’ really meant, how to take photos, or what I would write about! I was also pretty nervous to share my life on the Internet – who would even read it?! And wondered if what I had to say was ‘important’ enough to share…

I started writing and taking photos, and I enjoyed the creativity of it. Then tried to teach myself as much as I could to get off to a good start, and kept doing it because it was a fun outlet. I like to think that I’ve learned a lot in the past year of blogging. Shoutout to anyone who has been following along since those early days — and THANK YOU for sticking with me as I learn how to better share, connect, and create for you guys!!


flashback to our first days in cabin! First posts on the ‘gram


2. I wanted a way to document everything that we learned in our move.

I’ve shared a little bit about this, but when we first moved to the cabin I felt like a fish out of water! I would definitely consider myself a ‘city girl’ and knew nothing about living in a cabin in the countryside in Wyoming. This has made for a few funny stories!

It’s been my goal to use this blog as an outlet for sharing what we’ve learned in the hopes that others can learn from it too. Sometimes other people send messages that they are inspired or learned from an experience we’ve had. And other times people get a chuckle out of the novice mistakes we make!


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“Are we crazy?” I asked my husband. “Probably,” was his response. Over the course of 20 days we had both quit our jobs, sold almost everything we owned, and were moving across the country to a little log cabin at 7 months pregnant… [Full post linked in bio!] • Up on the blog now is a post sharing some of our story: Why We Gave Up Our Jobs & Things to Move to a Cabin Year-Round. It’s a good read if you’re trying to make any big life decisions 😉 . . . . . #livingtiny #myhouseandhome #myhomevibe #homeiswhereyourheartis #cabindecor #loghome #rustichome #rustichomedecor #gonetothecabin #mycountryhome #morningslikethese #cabinlifestyle #cabinstyle #cabinliving #cabinlove #livesimply #tinyhouselife #tinyhouselove #livetiny #pursuepretty #cabinvibes #homesohard #tinyhousedesign #mytinymoments #slowandsimpledays #cupoftheday #mysnakerivercup #coffeeandseasons #habitatandhome #whpgoingplaces

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When we moved, I was 7 months pregnant and has just quit my job as a Project Manager in Austin, TX. We had a ton of changes in our life and not a lot of time to process them. I also felt some culture shock going from working in an office all day in a big city to being a stay at home mom in a small town. The blog helped with this! Writing about everything became an outlet for processing it.

3. This blog is a way to keep in touch with friends/family.

Moving across the country, far away from friends and family can be hard. So for me, this blog was another way to keep in touch with people back home. It doesn’t really make up for talking to or visiting loved ones, but it is another way to stay connected.

Especially after Troy was born, the more ways to share/connect with people back home, the better!


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Blogging also has another benefit: it’s a way to build a community. I’ve gotten to meet so many new people through here, and that has been one of the best parts of it. People around the world and locally in Jackson. This made our move easier and makes blogging even more fun!

Those are the 3 biggest reasons why I wanted to start a cabin blog, but there’s been another reason why it keeps going:

If you’re interested in moving to a cabin or curious about cabin life:

I’ve gotten a lot of messages from other people who have thought about moving to a cabin, are in the process of doing so, or recently moved.

And here’s the thing: cabin life doesn’t come with a manual! The best way to learn about it is to learn from others’ experiences.

This is the MAIN reason why this cabin blog exists: to be a place for community for people who want to learn about cabins. To share our stories, experiences, and day to day life.

Because if you want to move to a cabin, the best way to find if it’s right to you is to read about what a day in the life is like. Or if you’re curious about cabins, to read answers to the most popular questions. And if you’re already in a cabin and want a bigger sense of community – share your own story!


Cabin life is a beautiful thing – and it’s cheesy to say – BUT it’s even more beautiful when it’s shared. Send me a message because I’d like to talk all things cabin, or you can join in on conversations about cabin life over on Instagram.


And here’s a few popular posts to keep learning about cabin life:




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