Cabin Essentials for Spring

Cabin Essentials for Spring

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Whether you’re visiting a cabin, living in a cabin, or wanting to bring part of cabin life into your own home – these are the essentials you’ll need this spring!

This is the list to make your life easier. It’s the list that I wish I had before our first spring in the cabin. From tools to clothing to bird feeders – this is your shopping list for spring.

These cabin essentials will help you make the most of the change of seasons, and bring new life to your cabin after winter.

Here’s the details on the top 5 cabin essentials for spring:



1. Gardening Tools

Spring means that it’s finally time to start our gardens! Don’t waste precious time getting your plants in the ground – check out the above gardening tools and handy space-saving storage rack. I’ve also included a couple gardening favorites (these also make great gifts!): a five year garden planner and a grow your own salsa kit.

2. Spring Cleaning

After a long winter our cabins are often in need of a good spring cleaning. We’ve found that the Mrs. Myers product line is varied and gentle enough to use on all parts of our log cabin and is an essential for spring.

3. Kitchen Gear

One of the best parts of spring is that it brings new flavors to work with in the kitchen. And it’s a popular time for baking, especially around Easter. Spruce up your kitchen for spring with these lovely green tea towels and some multi-purpose mason jars (also useful to hold those flowers that you’ll grow in your garden!). Another spring favorite is a high-quality, durable ceramic pie tin. This one will last through generations.

4. Rain Gear

With spring comes rain and mud. Don’t let it slow you down in a new pair of rain boots and rain jacket (and you’ll stylish rather than wet)!

Do you have any other cabin essentials for spring? Drop a comment below to share what’s on your list!

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