Cabin Life Blog: A Day in The Life Blog Posts

Cabin Life Blog: A Day in The Life Blog Posts

Hi, I’m Megan! If you’re new around here, I have this cabin life blog where I write about day to day cabin living in our mountainside cabin in Jackson Hole, WY.

We moved to our cabin from Austin, TX because we wanted a slower pace of life.

Our story started off a bit crazy, you can read the full story here:

Why We Gave Up Our Jobs & Things to Move to a Cabin

We’ve been in our cabin a little over a year now, and each season has brought new experiences and lots of lessons learned for us former city kids 🙂

The list below is a roundup of posts from our first year in the cabin from my ‘day in the life’ series.

Each post walks through a day in the life, hour by hour, in our cabin. The goal is to give an idea of what cabin life is REALLY like. Cabin life in a small cabin (it was 650 sqft when we moved in) and in a place with extreme weather and wildlife (the winter post has a surprise appearance by a moose…).


Cabin Life Blog: A Day in The Life Blog Posts

Click the posts below to read through ‘a day in the life’ in our cabin:


I started this cabin life blog as a way to document what we learn and share our experiences. Since it’s started, it’s grown into a community of others who love all things cabin lifestyle.

Join the community by signing up below + join in our conversations over on Instagram here: The Cabin Diary.



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